Muhammad Arif - Member of National Youth Assembly

Mr. Arshad Jameel is very dedicated person. Really impressed by his Briefing about the Disputed Families Welfare Organization.
I really appreciate Ma'am Farzana Yasmeen The really legend of Pakistan. She took a great step to save Pakistan, to make educate Pakistan to bring the real & natural beauty of Pakistan. I think everyone should support her about her vision and every Pakistani is the owner of Pakistan, so they have to perform their duties & responsibilities. I am available as volunteer to promote Pakistan. To aware youth of Pakistan.

Telecom Foundation School


I see your feelings, and I realized you worry about your nation. How much do you think about your country's welfare? Your organization has worked hard and God will accept his efforts and give you the courage and the courage that you practice and get. The suggestions you have made. If they are implemented, we will see a great country, see a good nation. Many people pray for you. Keep courage and courage like this, InshaAllah you will be successful.

Muhammad Ahmed Abro

Director , National Highways Authority , Karachi Pakistan

Mr. Arshad Jameel is working for the organization and he has got very good ideas in regards the National growth on National Highway Network. Working on this move is really a great Job.

Nawaz Ali Shah Jillani

Deputy Director Education, Karachi

I have learnt and understood about this NGO’s projects from Mr. Arshad Jameel. I am really very glade about such welfare service of Farzana Yasmeen for social, environment project for child abuse, meat and cleanness of society awareness and interaction between neighborhood and peaceful activities. It really need of today's era for betterment of to Humanity with peace and love,  I appreciate all efforts of this NGO and pray for them May Almighty Allah bless them all success in every field of life as “Service of human is service of God.”


Caretaker Government of Balochistan / Balochistan House Karachi

Mr. Arshad Jameel Representative of said organization, Brief about organization and Represent all works and achievements from long to till. I appreciate and hope “The Disputed Families Welfare Organization” continue our potential and work in respect of people of Pakistan.

Haris Alam

President PDS / Anchor Person Raah TV

See your efforts. You are a good and noble thing would be good for Pakistan and the world in the future. I hope you will continue to do the same in the future. My prayers and support are with you.