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June 20, 2017
Caring of Senior Citizens
June 20, 2017

Sad Families Issues


  1. What steps should be taken to resolve the issues of a common man neglected and cornered by our society?

Ans: Keeping in consideration the reason he/she has been ousted from the society, efforts should be made to first have knowledge about them. In doing so it will lead to a deeper understanding of how things can be made better for such an individual. The utmost thing to do would be to provide them with a source of income and shelter. Also, a record of such individuals should be made for security purposes. Efforts should also be made to make contact with their families.


2. What steps will be helpful in overcoming the problems of celebrities relating to showbiz, sports, poets, writers who are neglected by the society after their boom period?

Ans: To be made redundant after working a particular field for years is a common dilemma faced by many. Instead of making such individual desolate over their leaving when their time is done, opportunities can be provided to make them still be a part of the environment they’ve dedicated their lives to. Such people are inspirational to many around them and thus can have lasting positive effect on their lives. Societies and groups may be created where discussions, motivational talks, self-help tips, even carrier counseling related to their field (such as acting, grooming, athletics, etc.) can b imparted to others aspiring to be like them.


 3. Children who have been neglected by their families and parents, what could be suggested to promote fairness and equal treatment?

Ans: Neglected or abused children may be vulnerable to different emotional problems. Parents and families can make efforts to seek appropriate therapeutic help to equip such children with ways to deal with their problems. A therapist working with such children will also help the parents and family to how to better understand their children, how to cater to and be attentive to their needs as well as relate to them in a way that promotes a safe, happy and open environment.


 4. How individuals working as beggars can be made to change their mind and live life as a respectable      member of the society?

Ans: Beggary is now a day’s not only a plea for food or money but has turned into a profession. If proper steps are taken to ensure that such people are provided with the basic necessities of life, such as work, it is possible to remove this menace from our society. Proper distribution of wealth in the country, as well as the appropriate usage of funds allotted for such problems will be most beneficial to eradicate beggary from our country. Government should take measures to the provision of jobs catering to their level of skills or teaching of basic domestic and occupational skills to such people, as well as providing education to their children so as they are not led to adopt the same lifestyle. Also, organizations can be made where these people imparted with knowledge of basic health and safety precautions and are groomed to adopt a healthy life style