The list of our charity works

Along with resolving the family issues we keep on working for the help of the needy and deserving people. Our energetic team members are always on their way to reach the areas of disasters and other problems like flood, earthquake, fire, etc. We also reach to the needy patients in the hospitals and help them financially or medically. Similarly, on the Eid and other special days we distribute gifts and packages to the needy people of our beloved country.

Hospital Visits

We visits to the hospitals and help the deserving patients financially and medically so that they can get well soon easily.

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Visits Earthquake Victims

Our energetic team members visit the areas which are affected from earthquake and help the victims there with the help of our best resources.

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Help Fire Victims

We help those who are affected from fire. For this we reach them and help them financially and medically so that they can recover their injuries.

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Deliver Eid Gifts

On Eid and other important national days and events, we visits to the far and rural areas and distribute Eid gifts and packages to childminder and other deserving people.

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Helping Flood Victims

Natural disasters are very much hectic and disturb the life of the whole family very much. We visit to the flood areas and distribute packages to the people over there so that they can get a little bit easy by our help.

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Arrange Seminars

For the general awareness and education of the people and society we arrange seminars on different topics and guide and try to educate people for the betterment of the society.

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