Sad Families
June 20, 2017
Misbah Ul Haq Appreciation by Our NGO
June 21, 2017

Senior Citizen Issues


  1. What steps should be taken to teach children to respect elders and their parents?
  2. Taking care of the old is not only our religious obligation but also our civic and social value. Healthy discussions in the family relating to morals and values important to them should be done on a regular basis. It can be a practice started from a very young age where all family members contribute to the meetings. Also, children learn from observation. Thus family members are caring and affectionate towards each other, particularly the old; the children are likely to model this behavior.


  1. Suggestions to bring hope to citizens who have become frustrated with their lives in old age?
  2. Old citizen centers should be established where people can take part in various activities. The prime goal of these institutions should be to inculcate goodwill, productivity and recreation. Steps may also be taken to ensure that senior citizens are made to believe that they are worthwhile and not worthless. Recreational places such as parks, libraries, fitness centers may provide them with discounts so as they are not restricted by limited funds and afford ability issues to continue living a healthy life