Disputed Families Welfare Organization works for families and the betterment of the society. We try to reconcile any dispute between husband and wife due to any reason. If there is a dispute between them it gives bad effects in the attitude, behavior and character of children, also, their education, health and personality will also be disturbed. We want to become a source and and intend to make efforts to spread love and unity with peace and also make the relations strong.

We try hard to resolve the conflict and refrain the husband and wife from divorce. But if still it occurs then we take care of the children to save them from depression, bad health, and inferiority complex. Also, we insist parents to take care of their children and give them love and affection even after the divorce.

We encourage everybody whosoever may be of any religion, caste, language, or he may be any of country, or city, to come forward and save the families from destruction because if it will be destroyed then consequently the society will be ruined. Our aim is only to help those persons who are needy only in the Name of Allah because the best religion is to love human beings and help them with our sincere efforts.

Apart from helping the disputed families our organization also performs many charity works. Like we help the Fire Victims, Earthquake and Flood Victims, we visits hospitals and ask for the needs of the patients, and also distribute gifts and packages as an Eidi to the poor and needy people so that they can also celebrate the Eid happily.

President's Message

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We believe in the happier society where every human being is having all the facilities and standards of the life. For this we visits the victims of natural and other disasters and try our best to help them in any cost. Also, we arrange awareness seminars on different topics to make people educated and learned. Some of the pictures of our different charity works are given below.